Lapacazo S., Harlem NYC

I suffer from neuropathy in both feet and sporadic lower back pain.  The back pain is new. The pain in both feet has been there for over six years.  To that end, I don't have a full night sleep.  The pain wakes me up. And then came Potluck Hemp Oil and things changed a lot and fast. First, I slept a full eight hours. Second, the pain in both feet eased up, and lasted for a week. This is amazing. A little goes a long way.


R. Myatt, Harlem NYC

I had an abscess on my gum that became painfully unbearable. I couldn’t get to a doctor anytime soon and felt terrible. I applied about 0.5ml of Potluck hemp oil directly on the abscess. It gave me some relief where it allowed me to take a nice nap. Then I applied a little more (about 0.5ml, 4hrs), I could feel it throb as the abscess came to a head and puss began to ooze out until there was no more. I gargled with warm salt water until it looked clear and haven’t felt any more pain since. Thank you, POTLUCK!